How Can I Find A Qualified Alternative Medicine Physician In My Community?

David Rakel, M.D.,

Question: How can I find a qualified alternative medicine physician in my community?

Answer:To find a qualified integrative medicine physician, I would direct you to the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine web site. This is a web site that includes physicians who've taken a test to ensure basic knowledge of the foundations of integrative medicine, who are board certified in the field. There's also a number of fellowships around the country: Here at the University of Wisconsin we have a fellowship for family medicine residents who do two years beyond their family medicine training in integrative medicine.

And I'd also recommend you go to the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship web site. They have a two year online fellowship program that has trained many doctors in the United States as well as abroad, and you can access those physicians who've done that training in your area.