How Important Are Alzheimer's Support Groups For Caregivers Like Me?

Dr. Whitehouse answers the question: 'Support For Alzheimer's Caregivers?'

May 4, 2009 -- Question: How important are Alzheimer's support groups for caregivers like me?

Answer: Just as people affected by dementia vary, so do caregivers vary. And people have many sources of advice and support in their lives, and so there's no one answer to support groups for everybody. But support groups are valuable for people who don't maybe have family members that they can talk to on a regular basis, and also because people in support groups are themselves experienced with the practical problems of living with somebody who has a memory problem.

So often, the give-and-take in a support group around how do you manage particular circumstances is a valuable part of support groups. Also, there can be humor, there can be levity, and so again, that does go back to my original comment though, that caregivers vary. Some people are people that like groups, and can participate. And other people feel that they can get their advice in different ways. But it is important that if you're facing this challenge you do have the opportunity to seek advice from physicians or websites or support groups.