Will People Be Able To Tell That I Am On Medication For Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Pratt answers the question: 'Is It Obvious I'm On Anxiety Medication?'

— -- Question: Will people be able to tell that I am on medication for anxiety disorder?

Answer: It really, once again, depends on the medication. There's certain medication that it would be very unlikely for someone to notice you're taking anything -- let's say the high blood pressure medication that you're using for an effect of reducing anxiety. And, at the same time, there are other medications that are called minor tranquilizers that can produce some sedation. So it's a matter of dosage, frequency and, again, severity of symptoms.

Once again, you'll want to speak to your physician about this and really make a healthy plan that will work for you so that you're not feeling sedated. So it's a trade-off -- symptoms versus functioning -- so that you really are not behaving in a way that's noticeably different to others around you.

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