What Is Psychodynamic Therapy, And How Is It Used For The Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders?

Dr. Szymanski answers the question: 'Psychodynamic Therapy For Anxiety?'

— -- Question: What is psychodynamic therapy, and how is it used for the treatment of anxiety disorders?

Answer: In psychodynamic therapy, the idea is that anxiety is seen as a symptom of an underlying conflict. As you're talking in a psychodynamic therapy, the therapist is looking for inconsistencies or discrepancies. So for example, they might say, "You're talking about something anxiety-provoking, but you look calm."

They try and link these current experiences, these discrepancies and this experience of anxiety, to historical experiences, unresolved conflicts in your family and growing up, unresolved struggles. These unresolved struggles and conflicts currently aren't immediately accessible to you. So the psychodynamic therapist is going to make interpretations, trying to link your current anxiety to these unresolved conflicts making what's in the unconscious more available for you to work with, bringing it into your awareness. In working through these kinds of conflicts and unresolved struggles, the idea is that you can reduce your anxiety over time.

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