How Can I Maintain A Healthy Relationship/Marriage To Someone Who Is Autistic?

Question: How can I maintain a healthy relationship/marriage to someone who is autistic?

Answer: Stephan Shore, who is an adult with Asperger syndrome, who is a public speaker and has published many books on this subject, states it very simply. And that is, people who have Asperger or autism spectrum disorder can do anything anyone else can, they just need to be taught. This is important to know when you are pursuing intimacy with another adult with autism spectrum disorder. They may not pick up on any nuance or any subtly of what you may tell them, and they may need to be told directly your expectations and your needs in your relationship.

Also what's important to understand every aspect of autism spectrum disorder, or Asperger disorder, in addition to knowing the individual traits of your partner, so that you can know what pieces of the relationship your partner can control, and what pieces he can't or she can't, so that you can adjust your relationship as necessary.