What Academic Modifications Are Reasonable And Potentially Useful To Request For A Student With Autism?

Question: What academic modifications are reasonable and potentially useful to request for a student with autism?

Answer: Academic modifications for students with autism should really be focused on those areas that they need extra assistance in. You want the modification to really help them be successful in a general education classroom. So, it could be things like if your child gets really distracted by noises, not sitting them right near the doorway or in the major traffic patterns. Things like written or pictoral schedules or instructions may help them understand what's going on.

Other things that have helped is computers so that they can type their assignments rather than writing them or on an exam, giving an oral answer rather than just a written answer, multiple choice questions rather than essay questions -- you know those types are things are really helpful and helping children demonstrate what they know rather than, you know, really focusing on the type of modification that's going on.

Another thing parents have found helpful is getting an extra set of textbooks from the school so that they can practicing what's going to be happening the next day in school or reviewing what's already been going on at school. In that way, also, the child doesn't have to worry about are they bringing the right books home, are they bringing the right materials home, you have everything there at home.

So, it's real important just to remember that academic modification needs to be able to help them demonstrate what they know and to help them be successful in the general education classroom.