What Are The Major Goals For Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders?

Question: What are the major goals for adults with autism spectrum disorders?

Answer: The major goals for someone with autism and autism spectrum are the same as they are for anyone else out there in the world. They want the same level of independence to access the opportunities in the community, they want to have a strong network of support of friends, they want to have close personal relationships with their family members, they want to have a job, they want to be able to access all of the resources that anyone else would have in our communities.

People with autism want to be able to go out and be included in the society and in the communities in which they live. Many times, because of this disability, it means that they might need some extra help in order to do that. So they do need a level of people that are going to be able to help them define those goals and find the solutions for how to obtain those goals.