Other People With Asperger Syndrome Are The Only Ones Who Understand Me, So Why Should I Spend Time With Neurotypicals?

Question: Other people with Asperger syndrome are the only ones who truly understand me, so why should I spend time with neurotypicals?

Answer: Well, it is important to have friends that understand you so I would always want you to keep those friends who you feel very close to. On the other hand it is important to know how to act with a variety of people -- old people, young people, people who are very bright, people who aren't as bright, maybe even people who have different temperaments. And the reason that you want to be able to interact with these people is because it will help you on the job. It will help you navigate your community. And then also, even though you're hanging out with people who have Asperger's disorder, they also have family members who might be neurotypicals, and so it would be important to be able to know how to interact with your friend's family as well.