Is It Necessary For My Family To Move To Get Effective Treatment For My Child's Autism?

Question: Is it necessary for my family to move to get effective treatment for my child's autism?

Answer: We are sometimes asked if a family needs to move to get effective treatment for autism. This depends entirely on where you live and what services are available. In most big cities there are good services available. In many rural areas services are hard to obtain, even when the schools are obligated to provide them for the children. There are other types of therapies which may not be accessible, speech therapy for example, various types of behavior therapy because of a limited number of trained specialists and therapists.

So, it depends on where you live, whether you can get those services.

If you need services and they aren't available, this is an opportunity to speak to your legislature and other people in charge of making sure there's equitable access to all health care no matter where you live in this country.