What Are Some 'Red Flags' That Might Signal A Need To Evaluate The Possibility Of An Autism Spectrum Disorder In An Adult?

Dr. Wayne Fisher answers the question: 'Signs Of Autism Spectrum In An Adult?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: What are some "red flags" that might signal a need to evaluate the possibility of an autism spectrum disorder in an adult?

Answer: Many of the individuals who have autism spectrum disorders today who are adults tended not to be diagnosed early on partly because we didn't recognize the symptoms and partly because these tend to be individuals who are much milder.

But individuals who are adults with autism or with Asperger syndrome tend to have difficulty in interpersonal relationships -- tend to be isolated, may have difficulties in their marriage related to being overly focused on details, not be able to take and understand the other person's perspective, and not being able to be flexible in how they want things done or how things go around the house, may be overly concerned about neatness or how things are arranged in the house and that may be very difficult for a spouse or other family members to deal with.