What Are Some Of The Communication Problems Experienced By Verbal Children With Autism?

Dr. Hollander answers the question: 'Communication Problems In Verbal Kids?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: What are some of the communication problems experienced by verbal children with autism?

Answer: There are at least four different components of language ability that can be, sort of, reflected in impairment in patients with autistic disorder. So, first there can be problems with expressive language -- getting the words out and communicating with others. There can be deficits, for example, in receptive language -- understanding what other people are saying, for example.

There are marked deficits in social communication, the give and take of social interactions and the social aspects of language and communication. There are marked impairments, for example, in conversation ability.

Many people with autism don't understand what it takes to maintain a conversation. And they may use very literal language to specifically respond to a question, but they don't have the social skills needed to cause conversation to continue with other individuals.