What Factors Will Determine Whether My Child Can Be Enrolled In A Well-Known Early Intervention Program?

Dr. Swiezy answers the question: 'Enrollment In Early Intervention?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: What factors will determine whether my child can be enrolled in a well-known early intervention program?

Answer: There are many well known intervention programs for children along the autism spectrum. However, a family's ability to access those programs may be limited by several factors. One factor may be financial. Many of these programs are very expensive and oftentimes insurance companies and special education programs will not fund the programming.

In addition, oftentimes these programs are not available in remote communities or in many communities. Therefore, oftentimes it requires the family to travel quite a distance to get the child to the location in which the intervention is taking place. This may not be a possibility for all families.

Finally, the demand for services is often great in these particular intervention programs. So, it is very difficult to get new families and new children into the system to be able to access services.