I Prefer To Modify My Own Drug Regimen Depending On How I Feel? Is There Any Harm In This?

Question: I prefer to modify my own drug regimen depending on how I feel? Is there any harm in this?

Answer: Modifying your treatment plan on your own may or may not work out, but it's interesting to look at the possibilities of what could happen as you do it.

Doing it on your own is a very, very seductive thing to do. However, the "I'll do it on my own!" chorus is often the road to ruin for patients.

The most successful patients I know have almost always developed a relationship with somebody we would call a care partner. This is a person -- doesn't have to be a professional -- who knows and understands your situation. You can count on them, and they can be additional eyes and ears, because bipolar disorder by its nature is a disorder that distorts perception at the very time you need to count on good judgment the most to keep you well. Therefore, including other people in your care and abiding by that input is one of the key things you can do to stay well.

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