Should I Tell My Employer Or My School That I Have Been Suffering With Depression?

Dr. Prince answers the question: 'Telling An Employer About My Depression?'

— -- Question: Should I tell my employer or my school that I have been suffering with depression?

Answer: Well that's a very tricky issue. It depends on how the depression is impacting the child. Does the depression affect their academic work or their social interactions. In those situations where families may be asking for help from either a school system or an employer, it may be important to get supports in those areas from the employer or from the school system.

On the other hand, some families and patients prefer to keep their depression private -- and this may be appropriate. So if -- the bottom line is really if the symptoms of depression are impacting the child in such a way that it affects their work -- either in an academic or an employment situation -- then getting support from the school or the employer is appropriate.

In other situations depression may not have that great of an impact and the patient and family may choose to keep that private.

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