How Does Perimenopause Affect Diabetic Control?

Question: How does perimenopause affect diabetic control?

Answer: The perimenopausal period can be a challenging time for all women but, in particular, to women with diabetes. During this period, there are many hormonal fluctuations, and one of the issues in women with diabetes is that some symptoms of perimenopause can mimic symptoms of either high or low blood sugar. For example, sweating can be a result of a hot flash, or it can be a result of a low blood sugar.

So, it's important for women with diabetes to check their blood sugar when they are experiencing unusual symptoms of any kind to initially rule out that it is caused by an abnormal blood sugar. With that said, it would be helpful for women to jot down a record of their symptoms, when they occur, whether or not they were related to blood glucose levels, and then talk to her health care provider about these symptoms and how to perhaps alleviate them.


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