How Should My Diet Be Integrated Into My Family's Eating Habits?

Question:How Should My Diet Be Integrated Into My Family's Eating Habits?

Answer:One of the real challenges for people with diabetes is getting involved with everything else that's going on in the family. We all lead very, very busy lives these days, and for the person with diabetes it seems like his or her demands and needs may get in the way of what the family is doing.

The important thing for people with diabetes to realize, and certainly for the family members to realize, it truly is a joint effort. How appropriate is the diet, how healthy is the diet is not only germaine to that person who has diabetes, but actually everybody in the family. Even if the people in the family don't have diabetes, we know that the typical diet that is recommended for people with diabetes is likely to improve cholesterol levels, likely to keep the blood pressure in a better range, and for people who have a genetic risk for developing diabetes themselves can actually prevent diabetes.


So, many of the things that go on in family life are very much tied into diabetes, and as with most things in the world, it's hard for each of us as individuals to take on a number of tasks ourselves, but if we have a strong support system beginning with our family, a lot of wonderful things can be accomplished.

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