Is There A Special Diet Or Specific Eating Habits That Will Prevent My Developing Type 2 Diabetes?

Question:Is there a special diet or specific eating habits that will prevent my developing type 2 diabetes?

Answer:There's no one diet that works for everybody. People who are at high risk for diabetes should know their blood sugar and try to keep it normal. They should know their weight and what their ideal weight is for their height and they should work to try to keep that normal. And people with diabetes should know the impact of what they eat on their blood sugar.

People with diabetes often do best to moderate their intake of carbohydrate, because that's the component of the diet that raises the blood sugar. But people with diabetes should try to see a whole health care team that not only includes the doctor but a nurse educator and a nutritionist, because diet really needs to be individualized and to be something that the person could live with. This is a marathon, not a sprint and we urge people to make small changes that they could sustain.


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