What Are The Pros And Cons Of Giving Insulin By Syringe And By Pen?

Question:What are the pros and cons of giving insulin by syringe and by pen?

Answer:Well the pen-versus-syringe approach really kind of depends on the patient preference and the cost. With the syringe, the way the syringe works is the patient draws the insulin out of the bottle and measures the amount of insulin in a syringe and then gives it to themselves. The pen device involves an insulin cartridge in the pen; the patient still has to attach the needle and they dial the dose and administer the insulin.

The advantage of the pens -- (they) may be more convenient for the patient; for example, instead of having to drag a bottle and syringe around, they can just plop a pen device into their pocket or their purse. The pens tend to be a little more costly than the bottle-and-syringe approach so the patient should check with their insurance plan before deciding which way they want to go.


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