Once I Have Diabetic Retinopathy, Is There Anything I Can Do To Slow Its Progress?

Question: Once I have diabetic retinopathy, is there anything I can do to slow its progress?

Answer: The best way to slow the progress of your diabetic retinopathy, again, in the long run, is to have excellent control of your diabetes as well as control of your high blood pressure and blood fats. It's very, very important for diabetics who have retinopathy to work closely with their primary care doctor or their endocrinologist in order to achieve excellent control of their diabetes. Don't settle for just good or adequate or okay control.

Your goal should be to have excellent control of your blood sugar, your blood pressure and your blood cholesterol. In addition, it's obviously important to work with your ophthalmologist and when treatments such as laser or vitrectomy is required, to have the treatment that has the best chance of stabilizing your vision.