What Is Monovision And When Should It Be Considered As An Option During LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

Question: What is monovision and when should it be considered as an option during LASIK laser eye surgery?

Answer: Most patients find that when they reach the age of mid-40s they have difficulty looking at near objects when they're wearing glasses or contact lenses. This is a universal problem that occurs with aging. It is referred to as presbyopia. If you're wearing glasses, this may be the time where you need to go to your first bifocal glass. If you're wearing contact lenses or already have good uncorrected distance vision, you may find the need for reading glasses to see objects clearly up close.

Monovision is a technique that has been used for many years with contact lenses such that one eye -- often we call it the dominant eye -- is set for distance, and the non-dominant eye is set for near, and then your brain just alternates between the eyes, depending on the object of interest. Monovision is a technique that can also be applied to laser vision correction. Not all patients adapt to monovision, and the ophthalmologist can simulate monovision for you in the office and determine whether or not you're a good candidate to consider this technique.