Health Tip: Satisfying Food Cravings

Sept. 24 -- (HealthDay News) - Food cravings are common, and most people have them at one time or another.

The Cleveland Clinic offers these facts to help you satisfy your cravings without wrecking your weight:

  • Satisfying a food craving can help improve your mood, relax you and give you more energy.
  • Women are likely to crave certain foods during certain times of the year and month, and are more likely to be happy when they've satisfied their cravings.
  • Don't deny yourself something that you are craving. Instead, allow yourself a small portion.
  • Denying yourself a small treat that you crave can lead to an intensified craving, and eventually binge eating.
  • Take care of your craving shortly after it starts. The more time you have to think about it, the stronger the craving probably becomes and the more likely you are to binge eat.