I Had A Heart Attack And Have High Cholesterol. Should My Children Get Their Cholesterol Checked?

Question: If I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol after a heart attack, should my children get their cholesterol checked?

Answer: Depending on the age that you had your heart attack, your children may need to have their cholesterol tested. A family history of early heart disease, regardless of whether or not there's a history of high or abnormal cholesterol in the parent or even grandparent, is still an indication to get the cholesterol measured in children. And we recommend that the screening of children for cholesterol problems begin after the age of two. So if there's a parent or grandparent with heart disease or vascular disease early -- so before the age of 55 in men, or 65 in women -- that's a really important risk factor for the children. And it's important that they have their cholesterol levels screened for, after the age of two.

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