I Want To Shave My Face Every Day, But My Skin Gets Red And Burns After Several Days Of Shaving. What Can I Do?

Question: I want to shave my face every day, but my skin gets red and burns after several days of shaving. What can I do to resolve this problem?

Answer: Irritation from shaving is a very common problem and there are a few strategies that you can use to minimize this problem.

No. 1 if you get irritation while you shave, try to shave in the shower --- maybe while you are having a warm shower. Apply the shaving cream or shaving gel on top, and then proceed to shave.

A couple of tips here: No. 1, the razors that have just one blade will probably be less irritating than those with three or four blades. No. 2, after you're done shaving, just apply a moisturizer to your skin. And that should cool down your skin and limit the irritation that you're suffering. And then finally, take a look at what shaving cream or shaving gel you're using. It's possible that you're having an irritant or an allergic reaction to that product.

So if you are and if you find that to be the case, discontinue that product and look for another one.