What Are Some Options For Me If I Want To Reduce The Amount I Sweat/Armpit Odor?

Question: What are some options for me if I want to reduce the amount I sweat/armpit odor?

Answer: Well that's a great question and this is a very common problem. I think it's important to make a distinction upfront between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant is just something you apply under your arm with a spray or a roll-on that prevents the smell that's associated with sweating in the underarm area. And antiperspirant actually stops the perspiration and there are a lot of different ingredients that can do that. The most common one is one called aluminum chloride and aluminum chloride is available in a lot of over-the-counter applications, but it also, when the perspiration is more severe, it's available with a prescription from a physician as well -- that would be the next line treatment.

And in cases where it really is more severe or very socially embarrassing, when there is a tremendous amount of underarm sweat, BOTOX® injections have been found to be effective for the treatment of excessive sweating.

Mathew Avram, M.D., Massachusetts General HospitalPlay