What Are The Screening Tests Men Should Be Getting In Their 50s And Older?

Dr. Donald Hensrud answers the question: 'Screenings for Men Older Than 50?'

July 1, 2009— -- Question: What are the screening tests men should be getting in their 50s and older?

Answer: In your 50s there isn't a long list of screening tests but there are some that you should have. You should get colon cancer screening probably with colonoscopy. You can discuss this with your primary care physician and you may need it earlier if you have a tendency toward colon cancer in your family. You should get PSA or prostate specific antigen and along with that a digital rectal examination that feels the prostate. These things will help determine your risk of prostate cancer.

You should know your blood cholesterol and other lipids, your blood pressure and consider a fasting blood glucose to detect your tendency towards diabetes. If you have any symptoms at all you should discuss these with your health care provider and more tailored testing may be done.