Do You Have Questions About Colonoscopy and Colon Cancer?

Are you about to undergo a colonoscopy? Did you know there are daily steps you can take to reduce your risk of colon cancer? If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, what are the steps you should take from diagnosis through treatment?

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If you have a question that you want to send to Dr. Robert Smith, who co-wrote today's report on colonoscopies, click HERE.

Preparing for a Colonoscopy?

HERE are nine tips from Johns Hopkins Medical School to make your colonoscopy easier.

Check out these FAQ's and important points to remember when you are preparing for a colonoscopy:

Simple Daily Habits Can Reduce Risk for Cancer

Are you looking for dietary and lifestyle tips to reduce your risk of colon cancer? Adopting certain daily habits can help reduce your risk of cancer.

Do you eat a lot of red meat? People who do may be raising their risk for colon cancer. Click HERE to learn more about the relationship between colon cancer and red meat.

HERE is a guide with dietary tips.

Colon Cancer Step-By-Step: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Here are some guidelines for the early detection of colon and other types of cancer.

Here is the American Cancer Society's step-by-step guide to the colon and rectum cancer experience from testing to diagnosis to treatment. This a 12-step series of articles on how to cope with it.

Here is additional information on the prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Success Stories

Reading about cancer success stories can be a good way to ease the anxieties of cancer patients and their families. Click here to read about cancer survivors speaking out about their experiences: