What Are The Different Types Of Invasive Breast Cancers?

Dr. Larry Norton answers the question: 'Types Of Invasive Breast Cancers?'

— -- Question:What are the different types of invasive breast cancers?

Answer: Invasive breast cancer means a cancer that is starting to spread into the surrounding tissues of the breast. Invasion is important because if a tumor is starting to spread into the surrounding tissues, there also is a chance that it could spread to other parts of the body, and that's one of the serious aspects of breast cancer. Most breast cancers, about 80 percent, are called invasive ductal cancer, and they arise from the ducts of the breast that are generally formed to carry milk from the lobule to the nipple. There's also lobular type of breast cancer, which forms in the lobule (or, the milk-forming gland), and that can also be invasive.

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