Can Hormonal Therapy for Breast Cancer Cause Me To Gain Weight?

Question: Can hormonal therapy for breast cancer cause me to gain weight?

Answer: This has always been very controversial and I think that one of the important factors, as far as going through cancer therapy for breast cancer, is there have been several studies in examining whether patients do or they don't gain weight. All of these placebo control studies show that women in general, over a five-to-ten-year period do gain weight anyway, so that it's not abnormal that women during cancer therapy will gain weight, whether they take the therapy or not. That is the important thing. It's just a different time in our life.

In fact the whole issue of gaining weight is important -- from going to cancer centers where there may be exercise programs, support groups, to be able to understand this process as one is changing one's life with advancing years, not necessarily the cancer therapy.

V. Craig Jordan, MDPlay

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