Solutions for Post-Workout Pain

Fitness resolutions have you in agony? How to cut the pain out of your program.

ByABC News
January 10, 2008, 12:33 PM

Jan. 11, 2008— -- Damn those New Year's resolutions.

Just like the fitness resolutions of years past, they gave you the best incentive to get moving. You signed up for the gym. Given the choice between aerobics classes, spinning classes and yoga classes, you participated in all three.

And one way or another, you hurt yourself. Perhaps you took one sudden move, and now, you can't move at all. Or, you made it through one demanding class, only to find that you can't sit down.

The result? After one week on the getting-in-shape bandwagon, you are getting off of it again, because of soreness and injuries.

Many will face this disappointment and after having the best intentions.

It's no secret that, after the holidays, comes the pressure to lose weight and to start working out again. Thus, many of us are looking for solutions to become active again. So, it's natural for you to be enthusiastic and possibly start out by enrolling in a class that has been well-attended by regulars all year long.

It was a great intention, but perhaps this class was not a good fit for your level of fitness yet. The next day, you can't move because you are experiencing considerable muscle pain and soreness. Even sitting down may hurt.

Even worse, is if an injury occurs. This may happen because you have not warmed up long enough before your exercise, or maybe have not warmed up at all. Perhaps you have suffered from a failure to stretch short muscle groups and correct imbalances, before starting your workout program.

Another common story is simply not being ready for an exercise, and pushing forward with it, anyway. And now, you've experienced an injury. You took the wrong step and twisted your ankle. Or a push-up was executed incorrectly, and you are now in intense pain.

The net result? You may have experienced a torn ligament, tendon, muscle or a broken bone when all you wanted to do was get started and capitalize on your eagerness to get your body back into shape.