Dr. Sanjay Gupta Gets the Swine Flu

CNN's chief medical correspondent picks up H1N1 while on a trip to Afghanistan.

Sept. 23, 2009— -- Next time CNN's chief medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, starts talking about swine flu, he knows whereof he speaks.

As CNN's chief medical correspondent writes in his blog, Paging Dr. Gupta, he, and a CNN cameraman, picked up the swine flu -- formally known as H1N1 -- while on a trip to Afghanistan.

Gupta says he rarely gets sick, but this time was hit so hard he had seek out a battlefield hospital for treatment.

Says Gupta:

In case you are curious, there wasn't much the doctors could really do for me. Some Tylenol and a sinus decongestant (the same my wife would've given me). We also got IV fluids, given our inability to keep anything down. Within a couple days, I felt a lot better, and a few days after that – I was back to normal. It was a lot like … the flu – with a different name.

Last week, Harry Smith, host of CBS' The Early Show stayed home after also coming down with swine flu-like symptoms. He did a piece on the topic from his apartment.

Is there something going around?