When Should I Contact A Doctor To Discuss Symptoms Possibly Related To The Prostate?

Dr. Robert Nadler answers the question: 'Contacting A Doctor About My Prostate?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: When should I contact a doctor to discuss symptoms possibly related to the prostate?

Answer: Any man who notices changes in his urinary habits, such as a weak stream, incomplete emptying, urgency, frequency, or an increase in how often he gets up at night, which we call nocturia, should consult with either his internist or a urologist to discuss those symptoms.

Quite often, even minor symptoms could be associated with severe problems in emptying the bladder, which could lead to renal failure. Or, obstructive and irritative voiding symptoms can be associated with severe cases of prostate cancer.

So any new changes that a man experiences in his urinary habits, he should discuss with either his internist or a urologist.