Should I Wear A Mask To Protect Myself From The Flu?

Question: Should I wear a mask to protect myself from the flu?

Answer: It's interesting because many people in viewing the media reports on the H1N1 influenza outbreak they see individuals wearing masks but the scientific data is unclear whether masks themselves are actually effective enough to prevent the spread of the disease. And the scientific data also speaks to the other sorts of things an individual can do to keep the disease from spreading things such as just washing your hands frequently, keeping you hands away from your nose and mouth.

So the recommendations are that the mask usage be limited to health care providers who are in close contact with individuals who have highly suspicious or known cases of this influenza virus. Others are encouraged to adhere to those basic sanitation principles -- hand washing, keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth.

These sorts of things which are very very powerful and can help us prevent the spread of this disease.