5 Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

PHOTO: Not all quick eats will kill your healthy diet.
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The phrase “fast food” generally leaves a bad taste in our mouths these days, but let's be real -- when you’ve worked your tail off at the gym, sometimes those grab-and-go comfort foods call your name.

But there's no reason to feel bad about your cravings: The truth is, not all quick eats are nutritional suicide.

It’s best to replenish your body with a balance of protein and carbs after a tough sweat session, in order to aide in muscle recovery, and now that most fast food joints have made an effort to become more transparent about their calorie counts and ingredients, selecting a sensible recovery meal from a chain restaurant isn't entirely impossible.

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For those times when cooking isn't an option (or you'd rather run another 5 miles than step foot in the kitchen), here are some of the most balanced dishes in fast-food land.

Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

Best Balanced Breakfast

Panera Breakfast Power Sandwich

Panera’s sit-down style masks its often calorie-crazy menu, but with 22 grams of filling protein and a dose of fiber from whole grain bread, this morning option is a surprisingly good way to start the day.

Calories: 340

Fat: 15 g; 7 g saturated

Protein: 22 g

Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

Best Balanced Lunch

Chipotle Soft Corn Tortillas With Steak, Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato

At Chipotle, it's easy to go overboard with a giant burrito and guacamole, but stick with the tacos and you’ll keep your portion -- and waistline -- in check. And always choose fiber-filled corn tortillas over processed white-flour wraps that'll only leave you hungry and heavy.

Calories: 525 Fat: 18 g; 7 g saturated Protein: 42 g

Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

Best Balanced Snack

Smoothie King Skinny Chocolate High-Protein Smoothie

The word “smoothie” can be deceptively associated with being healthy -- some of these sweet treats have more sugar than five Krispy Kreme donuts! But go for a high-protein version, and opt for the "skinny" style (no added sugar), and you’ll get all the cool, creamy goodness without forfeiting your hard-earned body.

Calories: 266 Fat: 9 g; 1 g saturated Protein: 30 g

Best Sugar-Saving Restaurant Swaps

Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

Best Balanced Dinner

McDonald's Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT

Opting for a grilled chicken breast over a fried poultry patty means the added bacon won’t tip your calorie count over the edge. Sodium aside (it packs about half a day's worth), this is a surprisingly decent option from the McDonald's lineup.

Calories: 440 Fat: 14 g; 4 g saturated Protein: 36 g

Fast Food Orders That Won't Undo Your Workout

Best Balanced Dessert

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty (Jr.)

Hooray for reasonable portion sizes! Wendy’s Frostys are undeniably delicious, and with a decent balance of protein and carbs, you can feel free to occasionally treat your body (and your mind) with this classic fast-food shake -- in small doses anyway.

Calories: 200 Fat: 5 g; 3 g saturated Protein: 5 g

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