Top 10 Super Foods for Super Bowl Sunday

Here's our list of 10 reasons why you should sign up for the gym on Monday.

Feb. 5, 2010— -- While the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints are revving up their engines for this Sunday's Super Bowl, party planners and cooks nationwide are revving up their menus -- along with their ovens and BBQs -- for their own Super Bowl Sunday feasts.

Last year, bloggers, foodies and newspapers around the nation heralded the Bacon Explosion as the hottest recipe for your Super Bowl party. The bacon-stuffed, bacon wrapped Italian sausage could make the gluttonous Ghost of Christmas Present blush, we were told, but it still found its way onto many a party table.

This year there is no runaway winner or "must have" item for your Super Bowl Sunday fare, but this collection of recipes we've chosen from around the Web will surely make a big statement at any gathering, while also perhaps tipping the scales to new heights come Monday morning.

In addition to the recipes and corresponding photos, you can check out the caloric intake of each item so you'll know just how many hours you'll have to spend in dance class, miles you'll have to bike and laps you'll have to swim to work off Sunday's food fest.

We calculated the exercise using a Mayo Clinic calorie table designed for a 160-pound person, so if you weigh less, you're in luck.

Pete Flores, host of the new Web show Hook, Line and Skillet whips up a variation of the traditional crab cake called Simon and Garfunkled Crab Cakes.

Click here for the recipe.

Crab cakes are probably the healthiest item on this list so cook away. Each crab cake is roughly 150-200 calories, add about 50 more if you're dipping it in tartar sauce.

To work off the crab cake you'll probably need to do 18 minutes of high-impact aerobics.

Tammy Lakatos Shames, a registered dietitian, one of the "Nutrition Twins" and author of "The Secret to Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat", says eating a small meal before going to parties is a good trick to avoid overeating.

"Have a veggie 'premeal' before heading out to the Super bowl party," she told

"The veggies will fill your stomach for very few calories and they will prevent you from being ravenous when you arrive at the party or dinner. You'll be able to make rational decisions without overdoing those tempting foods," she said.


It wouldn't be a Super Bowl recipe roundup without a nod to the 2010 NFC Champion New Orleans Saints. Jambalaya is quintessential Cajun, and if you don't have an emotional tie to either team on TV, you could develop an emotional tie to this cuisine.

Sarah Sprague, "The Starter Wife" and creator of Black and Gold Tchotchkes, is an indie sports blogger based in Los Angeles. She's contributed to sites such as Deadspin, Playing the Field and With Leather, and has been highlighted on ESPN the Magazine.

Sprague swears by the jambalaya recipe featured on "Good Morning America" by Emeril Lagasse.

Sprague says this jambalaya is approximately 500 calories a serving (based on a 12-serving yield) and approximately 355 grams per serving.

Her rule of thumb when eating heavy foods is ''Take less than you think you need and definitely less than you want!"

Sign up for your local water aerobics class and plan on spending one hour and 40 minutes in the pool doing aqua-cise after eating jambalaya.

Jalapeno Poppers

If you like spicy, the popper is the way to go. But each popper packs a lot of punch as far as calories go. Best to grab one and walk away from the table.

For a tasty twist, try these sausage-stuffed jalapenos. You'll need the following ingredients:

1 pound ground pork sausage

Garth Wakeford, a manager and trainer at LA PALESTRA at the Rushmore in New York City, along with Tiffanie Barton, a trainer and nutritionist at the same location, say this'll put you at about 369 calories per serving with roughly 35 grams of fat. This is the equivalent to a vigorous effort on the stationary ergometer (rowing machine) for 30 minutes.

Most people may think starving till the party is the way to go, but Lakatos Shames says not to do this.

"Don't skip breakfast the day of the Super Bowl, anticipating eating a lot at the party," she told

"Be sure to eat a well-rounded breakfast, making sure you include fiber to fill your stomach and protein to help to keep you satisfied. This will help keep you on track all day long. Think, oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg or a whole grain toast with an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter," she said.

Sausage and Cheese Pinwheels

Kate Miller of Stolen Moments Cooking has the prettiest recipe on the Web.

A slice of her sausage and cheese pinwheel packs about 300 calories, or roughly 31 minutes of playing basketball.

Michelle May, author of "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent Repeat Cycle?" says don't eat till you're stuffed.

"You'll enjoy the game and the party a lot more if you feel satisfied and content rather than stuffed and miserable," May said.

Lakatos Shames says while one day of indulging isn't terrible, if you're trying to lose weight, don't let yourself go entirely.

"Often people fall off of their New Year's weight loss resolutions at about this time and after eating too much at their Super bowl party, they throw the towel in altogether," she said.

Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are a hit at any house party. If you're looking to cook everything from scratch, head to Food Create for a delectable recipe. If you're hesitant to pound your own dough, then head to Whole Foods. Or you could try Hebrew National's great frozen pigs in a blanket.

If you try these, expect to inhale roughly 66 calories per "pig." To work off the pig in a blanket, head to the alley for a 20-minute round of bowling.

May says eating on Super Bowl Sunday doesn't have to be all bad.

"The great thing about a Super Bowl buffet is that you get to be choosy," she told

"You don't need to bother with ordinary options, store-bought snacks, or food that's not fabulous," she said.


Chef John Mitzewich, or Chef John as he likes to be called, is one of the most popular cooking instructors on the Web. He's published more than 400 original video recipes for YouTube,, and for his personal blog Food Wishes.

His slider recipe is delectable.

But tread lightly. Sliders can be small, but sneaky. A juicy serving of four sliders could run you up to at least 1,400 calories.

May gives a helpful tip on not overeating the sliders, or any foods on this list.

"Enjoy the first few bites completely," she said. "Every other bite becomes progressively less tasty."

If you delve into the slider tray, pack your hiking gear and plan on a long three-hour trek.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Cate O'Malley is a writer, food blogger and mother of two. She's written for Cooking Light, the Disney-owned Web site Amazing Moms and blogs including The Well-Fed Network and her personal site, Sweetnicks.

(Disney is the parent company of ABC News.)

O'Malley has a passion for healthy, family-friendly food that is both flavorful and wowing. This recipe will definitely "wow" you.

Her recipe (courtesy of the "Rachael Ray Show") for buffalo chicken dip is the "perfect party food."

Expect to consume roughly 500 calories if you use about 12 tablespoons (3/4 cup) of the dip, this doesn't include the dipper of choice (bread, veggies, chips, etc.).

After enjoying your dip, put on the running shoes and head out for a 50-minute jog.

Potato Skins

Sarah Short, creator and author of the food blog Short Stop shares her potato skin recipe.

According to Short, the approximate nutritional value for her recipe would be 525 calories, 21 grams of fat per serving (two potato skins with sour cream per serving).

If you're taking a ski trip, plan on hitting the slopes for 90 minutes to work off the potato skins. They look worth it.

Frito Candy

Anna Ginsberg of Cookie Madness said it won't be a Super Bowl party without a "wacky" dessert.

This is a recipe that will please all your tastebuds. Frito Candy combines salty and sweet for a savory snack.

The reaction to her recipe was "astonishing," she said.

One fan on her Web site added, "I made this last night and it is insanely good!"

Each bite will put you at approximately 200-300 calories.

Wakeford and Barton say if you eat 300 calories, this is the equivalent to strenuous and continuous circuit and weight training for 30 minutes.


It wouldn't be a Super Bowl party without beer. If you're going to have a keg, keep in mind that the equivalent of two and a half cans, just 30 ounces, will put you at about 369 calories.

Climbing on the StairMaster for 34 minutes will help you negate these extra calories.

Lakatos Shames says doing a workout routine in the morning will help you get your metabolism going this Sunday.

"Start the day off right by exercising and burning off some extra calories. If you jog for a half hour you can burn off about 300 calories, practically two beers. If you walk for a half hour, you can burn about 175 calories, which is equal to a hot dog without the bun and three chips with salsa. If you can walk for a full hour, you can burn off a hamburger with the bun and a light beer," she told

May adds that it's important to remember that Sunday is not just about the food (or the beer).

"Keep in mind that food is only one part of the event. Don't allow it to overshadow the fun, friends, family, football and of course, the commercials."