Are There Any Diet Pills That Are Safe For The Heart?

Dr. Wylie-Rosett answers the question: 'Diet Pills That Are Safe For The Heart?'

— -- Question: Several years ago some types of diet pills were removed from the market because of side effects. Are there any diet pills that are safe for the heart?

Answer: There are only two FDA-approved diet pills. One is orlistat, which comes in two forms -- it comes in a prescription form under the name Xenical and it comes in an over-the-counter form called Alli. And it basically blocks absorption of fat. And it's generally safe because it isn't absorbed into the body, but it can, if you eat a high-fat diet, give you diarrhea.

The second one is Meridia as the brand name, or sibutramine. It can increase blood pressure. So for people who already have heart disease, they should not use this product. And blood pressure needs to be monitored carefully with the use of this product.