What Are Mind-Body Activities, How Do They Benefit My Health, And Is It Necessary To Exercise This Way?

Gerald Endress answers the question: 'What Are Mind-Body Activities?'

ByGerald Endress, MS, RCEP, Fitness Manager, Duke Diet & Fitness Center
December 22, 2008, 3:55 PM

February 1, 2009 -- Question: What are mind-body activities, how do they benefit my health, and is it necessary to exercise this way?

Answer: Mind-body exercise such as yoga, tai chi and palates can benefit the body in great ways, especially when it comes to stress reduction. You'll also find a component of strength, flexibility and even balance in all of these classes. So it can greatly benefit your fitness level as well. These classes are generally easier to start with and if you haven't enjoyed taking exercise classes in the past, this would be a great way to start.

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