I Don't Cook Or Have Time To Cook. Can I Still Meet My Weight Loss Goals Without Spending Much Time In The Kitchen?

Question: I don't cook or have time to cook. Can I still meet my weight loss goals without spending much time in the kitchen?

Answer: Everybody is so busy right now trying to juggle several things simultaneously and oftentimes people say "oh, now I've got to lose weight while I really need to spend more time in my kitchen and I don't have time". And the fact of the matter is the grocery stores anywhere are prep kitchens. They are.

We can go into a grocery store. We can buy a salad in a bag. We can buy a rotisserie chicken that is already done. We can even find a whole grain salad at the prepared food section, so we don't have to be spending hours in the kitchen.

However one of the things that I think is vitally important even if people are going to be buying the food out is to bring it home and to at least un-package it, to sit down, to eat it, to feel fuller because indeed, you're going to be more successful with weight loss.