What Are Some Things I Can Do Right Before Or While I'm In Bed To Help Me Sleep Better At Night?

Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'Pre-Bedtime Strategies to Sleep Better?'

— -- Question: What are some things I can do right before or while I'm in bed to help me sleep better at night?

Answer: So this gets at basically having a bedtime routine that is relaxing. And things that you can do include avoiding things such as watching TV prior to bedtime. Many people have TVs in their bedroom, but if you're watching TV and the latest crime report--this is not conducive to good sleep.

In addition, don't keep work in the bedroom. So if you have a computer in the bedroom, and that sort of thing, try to do those work-related activities outside of the bedroom. The bedroom should be a dark, safe, quiet place and one that's conducive for relaxation and sleep.

You should also avoid eating large meals prior to bedtime; nothing once again before four to six hours prior to falling asleep. Avoid heavy meals, those that are very fatty, or sugary, or spicy. Particularly spicy meals can aggravate, GERD or reflux disease and cause heartburn symptoms that can disrupt sleep.