What Is Anoretix, How Does It Work, And Is It Effective In Helping Reduce Weight?

Dr. Martin Binks answers the question: 'What Is Anoretix, How Does it Work?'

February 1, 2009 -- Question: What is Anoretix, how does it work, and is it effective in helping reduce weight?

Answer: Anoretix is one of those over-the-counter diet aides that's promoted to have all sorts of qualities ranging from speeding up your metabolism to blocking fat and so forth, and the reality is that it is not an FDA-approved substance nor is it something that has been tested for safety or efficacy. So it definitely falls into those weight-loss aides that people are selling that you really should just stay away from. They could be dangerous, we don't know. But they're definitely not shown to be effective. It might be better to spend that kind of money on making sure you get really good fruits and vegetables.