Should I Avoid Stocking Certain Foods In The House So That My Children Aren't Tempted To Eat Them?

Question: Should I avoid stocking certain foods in the house so that my children aren't tempted to eat them?

Answer: If there are foods that you really don't want your children to eat, don't stock them in the house. That doesn't mean that your children won't eat them, but they may eat them when they're away from home and that's rare enough so that it may not be an issue. You want to stock at home the foods that you want your children to eat.

But if you want your children to eat healthy foods, ask them which foods that they like. Ask them. Even kids who are fussy, picky eaters have a few fruits and vegetables, for example, that they like more than others. So make sure that those are always available and ready to eat.

And when it comes to meals, also ask kids for their input. Ask them which are their favorite meals. Ask them to help you prepare those meals. Ask them if they'd like to be involved in cooking but also explain to them that sometimes we eat foods because we need to and sometimes we eat foods because we like them.

Any food is okay, the question is how much and how often. And with foods that are less healthy, the answer is less often and in smaller amounts.