Should I Be Doing Something Special For My Skin During The Summer Months?

Question: Should I be doing something special for my skin during the summer months?

Answer: The most important thing to do for your skin during the summer months is to wear sunscreen. We, as dermatologists, don't want you changing your lifestyle, but if you do do sports such as sailing or golfing, where you're out all day, you want to remember to wear at least an SPF 15 or SPF 30 broad-based UVA, UVB sunscreen. You also want to reapply it every two hours. And remember that you should be using one ounce, which is approximately a shot glass, to your entire body when you apply it. A lot of people don't wear enough sunscreen so remember to use that much.

The other thing in the summer is that your skin becomes prone to things like acne. You may want to consider changing to an antibacterial soap to help prevent this during the summer months.

Michel McDonald, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center Play


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