Are Lasers Effective In Treating Red Spots Or Brown Spots?

Question: Are lasers effective in treating red spots or brown spots?

Answer: Lasers are effective for treating both red spots and brown spots. Red spots on the skin often come from conditions such as rosacea of the face, where you develop redness of the nose and cheeks and lower lip. I often have patients come in with this complaint.

The laser specifically targets those red spots and not other areas of the skin. You may have a bruise for a couple of day and this will go away, and there's minimal chance of scarring.

Brown spots are those small areas that develop on your face or on the backs of your hands. They can also be treated either with topical creams that specifically target the dark areas or with the laser. Both of these are beneficial for treating those areas.

Michel McDonald, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center Play


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