What Do I Need To Know About Fruits?

Question: What do I need to know about fruits?

Answer: Similar to vegetables, fruits are a nutrient powerhouse. They contain folic acid, vitamin C, all different types of vitamins and phytochemicals.

Fruits contain some sugar and sometimes people limit their fruit because of the sugar intake. However, it's a very small amount. They contain a lot of water, a lot of fiber and overall the benefit of eating fruits is much greater than the small amount of sugar they contain.

In general, people can eat all the fruits that they want. Go easy on fruit juices and dried fruit because they're higher in calories. And if you do have diabetes, you may want to watch the timing of that.

Many people say that, "I like fruits, but they don't find their way into my diet."

Try and have fruits for snacks, eat them at the beginning of a meal or for dessert. And the more you can include fruits in your diet in general, the healthier it'll be.