Arizona 9-Year-Old Boy, Tristin Saghin, Saved Sister With CPR, Congratulated by Movie Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

Tristin Saghin said he learned CPR from Bruckheimer's movie, "Black Hawk Down."

April 21, 2011, 12:36 PM

April 22, 2011 -- Nine-year-old Tristin Saghin became a hero Sunday when he saved his 2-year-old sister using CPR he learned watching the movie "Black Hawk Down." The movie's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, sent Tristin a message today via Twitter:

"Very courageous Tristin. All the best to your sister, hope for quick recovery #BlackHawkDown," Bruckheimer wrote.

Tristin's sister, Brooke, is most likely alive today because of her quick-thinking brother. Tristin was visiting his grandmother in Mesa, Ariz., with his family when his sister was found floating in the backyard pool.

"My mom went running outside and saw her floating in the pool," Tristin said.

Brooke had been in the water a couple minutes but was not breathing when she was pulled onto the patio. While his mother and grandmother called for help, Tristin performed CPR on her, and minutes later she was breathing.

In "Black Hawk Down," Tristin told ABC News, "they were like pushing on your chest and giving rescue breaths" and that's the technique he used.

Tristin's father, Chris, said they had tried to prevent Tristin from watching the R-rated movie.

"We've tried to turn this movie off 100 times," he said. "He watches these scenes over and over. He dresses up like a medic and he runs around doing these things. We always thought it was so silly but ... that silly movie that cost a few dollars saved our daughter's life."

ABC News' Katie Moisse contributed to this report.

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