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WATCH Young Girl Has Body of Senior Citizen

Barbara Walters reports on Lindsay Ratcliffe, Kaylee Halko and Haylee Okines, three vibrant young girls who suffer from progeria, a fatal disease characterized by rapid aging in children. It is rare; of every 4-to-8 million births worldwide, only one baby will have progeria, according to the Progeria Research Foundation. On average, children with the disease die at age 13.

More Information on Progeria:

The Progeria Research Foundation: The group's mission is to find a cure and effective treatment for progeria.

SLIDESHOW: Living With the Heartbreak of Progeria

Click here for more information on progeria research and clinical trials.

Find the Other 150 Campaign: The campaign -- launched by the Progeria Research Foundation -- seeks to find the other 150 progeria children around the world that scientists believe exist so they can have access to care, participate in clinical trials and get support from other families of children with the disease.

Connect with Lindsay, Kaylee and Hayley

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Lindsay Ratcliffe

Kaylee Halko

Hayley Okines