The Facebook 'Feeling Fat' Emoji Is No More

Facebook removed the controversial status update emoticon.

March 10, 2015, 10:38 AM

— -- Facebook’s “feeling fat” emoji has been removed.

A petition successfully lobbied the social media network to drop the chubby-cheeked, double-chinned icon from its status update “feelings” list.

Catherine Weingarten of the group Endangered Bodies started the petition last week. It garnered nearly 17,000 signatures before Facebook relented. Weingarten said she is thrilled by the news.

“As someone who struggled with body image, I feel so happy that I am eliminating one form of fat shaming and body hatred on the internet,” Weingarten said today in a statement to ABC News. “I hope that this shows that there is space for body positivity in our mainstream culture and that we really can make a difference.”

Although Facebook has yet to issue its own statement and did not immediately return requests for comment, the emoji has indeed disappeared from the drop down list of more than 50 “feelings” emoticons. But there’s still lazy, sarcastic and nauseous.

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