Meet the Plus-Size Old Navy Shopper Who Stood Up to Body Shamers

VIDEO: Rachel Taylor snapped a selfie of her trying on a plus-sized tank top after witnessing a mother laughing at her own
WATCH Woman's Emotional Response to Body-Shaming Goes Viral

The plus-size shopper whose selfie in an Old Navy dressing room went viral says she hopes her message will help others with their self-esteem, no matter their shape or size.

Rachel Taylor, a 25-year-old photographer from Louisiana, was shopping for a July 4th tank top at Old Navy last week when she overheard a teen and her mom laughing at the store’s plus-size clothes.

“A teenage girl picked up a tank top off a rack and held it up against her and she said, ‘Look mom, me and so-and-so could both fit in this tank top,’” Taylor recalled to ABC News. “They laughed. She set the shirt down and I started crying.”

Taylor was devastated by the comment and fled the store crying. She sat, upset, in her car until her husband stepped up with some encouragement and encouraged her to go back into the store to finish her shopping.

“It makes me angry,” Taylor’s husband told ABC News. “I wish people could understand how it makes other people feel when they say things like that.”

Taylor not only went back into the store to shop, she grabbed the same tank top the teen made fun of and took a selfie of herself in the top in the dressing room.

She also bought the tank top and posted the selfie and a description of what happened to Old Navy’s Facebook page last Friday.

“Be kind. Think about others before you speak,” Taylor wrote in the Facebook post. “I ended up buying the tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it.”

Taylor’s post received over 240,000 likes and drew hundreds of comments in support, including one from Old Navy.

“Rachel, you are amazing,” the clothing chain wrote in reply.

Taylor says her story shows that everyone, no matter their size or toughness, is human.

“Words still hurt,” she said. “That doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It doesn’t mean that you’re a crybaby. It means that you’re human."