NBC Cameraman Ebola-Free, Says He Owes Hospital a 'Debt He Can Never Repay'

Ashoka Mukpo was discharged from Nebraska's isolation unit.

— -- Ashoka Mukpo, the freelance American journalist who caught Ebola and was today discharged from Nebraska Medical Center, said he owes the hospital staff "a debt he can never repay."

Mukpo, 33, a cameraman, contracted the deadly virus covering the Ebola outbreak in West Africa for NBC News, Vice and others. He was flown to Nebraska Medical Center for treatment in its isolation unit on Oct. 6.

"After enduring weeks where it was unclear whether I would survive, I’m walking out of the hospital on my own power, free from Ebola," Mukpo wrote in a statement read at a news conference at the hospital today.

He took to social media throughout his treatment, last night tweeting tweeting that he tested negative for Ebola three times over three days.