Orlando Community 'United' After Tragedy, County Official Says

Mayor said they expect hate group may come as funerals being planned.

— -- The mayor of the county where Orlando is located said today that the community was "united" in the face of the massacre at a gay nightclub and that they plan on confronting any demonstrations by "hate groups."

"We support our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters," Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs told reporters today. "Love transcends all differences and we have come together to proclaim that this community is united. It will not tolerate hatred and will not tolerate violence."

Jacobs also said that city officials anticipate anticipate the arrival of a "hate group."

"We will not leave their presence unchallenged," she told reporters.

Jacobs was joined by various faith leaders from multiple religions to speak about the shooting and mourn the victims. She advised people to not fight with the members of the hate group but to protest instead.

"We are here to fight with you in love," Jacobs said. "Do not engage...we need to let them come and let them go."