'Be the Change: Save a Life'

ABC News' Global Health Series

On Friday, Dec. 17, ABC News began a year-long odyssey -- covering a story that spans the world; challenging Americans to save untold lives. "Be the Change: Save a Life" set out on a journey across three continents and into nine countries, focused on the health conditions endured by the poorest of the poor -- and some of the innovations that may be able to save them. Click on each location on the map below to learn more.

From pregnant mothers to newborns, children and adults, "Be the Change: Save a Life" -- a special-edition of "20/20" anchored by Diane Sawyer -- examined six of the world's top health problems, and shared simple and practical ways the audience can make an immediate difference. Click here to watch the special. For complete coverage and information on how you can help, go to SaveOne.net.